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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Boys and their Toys {ie Guns}

These two and their guns, I tell ya. They have nearly identical or at least comparable guns. Though they've each upgraded them with different accessories. When one buys a gun the other one has to get a comparable one within a few months. lol HA I'm just kinda joking. 

Anyways, Klay's work owns some land out by Benson that they go target shooting at a lot. I headed with them last week for a little hike. We were hunting Rock Chucks for them since those creatures have been digging up the fields. We didn't find any Rock Chucks but we did find some bunnies. I actually LOVE shooting guns with these guys. I hit a target 900 yards away and on the 3rd shot. It's kinda fun when the naked eye can't even see what you are shooting at but you can hear the chim of the metal target when it's hit. Shh... don't tell them I enjoy it. 

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