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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Andy's Grandpa's Passed Away..

Andy's Grandpa has been battling Cancer for nearly 2 years. Last Friday Andy received a phone call from his dad that Grandpa was not doing well. We both left work immediately to head to his grandpa's house. It was about 9:30. He was in bed, mumbling, not wanting to get up, just wanted to sleep. We sat in the kitchen with Maria, his mom, grandma and his dad when we heard a thud. Grandpa had attempted to get up to the best of our knowledge and fell flat on the ground. He laid there for a minute, Andy asked if he could help or get Grandpa anything. Max replied, some whiskey. That's true Max fashion. Later around 1 i headed back to work while Andy stayed with his family. When I got off work Grandpa was finally up and wondering what everyone was doing there. He also thought it was morning. Apparently he had a couple of bouts of yelling fits in and out of his sleep. He was up for a little bit when we left. Saturday he was doing  much better. Sunday was back down, monday was down, and tuesday was down. Wednesday morning we both received phone calls and voicemails that he had passed away. 

Max was such a great man. I only knew him for the past 6 years but he was an amazing grandpa, man, and example. 

His funeral pictures and Andy's speech will follow this post. 

Here are some of the memories Andy shares with his Grandpa. 

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