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Saturday, March 26, 2016

A book by Kira

This week on Wednesday when we had Kira she was adorable. Andy's Parents stopped by right after we got home just to say hi since it'd been a little bit since we saw them. Kira went in her room and played for a while and we all talked in the Kitchen. Kira came out and needed a stapler. Andy helped her out and then she read a book she wrote to all of us. I about got teary eyed. It was perfect, thoughtful and totally amazing. She's 6 and has so much love for her family and the world. 

Left Side is her Mom's Family - Roger, Misha, Kira, Robinton
Right Side is her Dad's Family - Kira, Stacey, Andy

She says love is important and she shows a pattern of broken hearts. 

Kindness makes it everything. 

Kira and Stacey 

Roger, Robinton, Kira, Misha, Papa, Tia and Gummy

 (It's upside down, sorry)
Kira, Stacey and Andy

Kira and Papa (who passed away last year)

Kira and Grandpa Clark (who passed away two weeks ago)

Love is everywhere you go

The End

 A pretty amazing book by a 6 year old, right? 
The next morning Andy went to work at 6 and so Kira and I took a morning selfie and sent to him before we headed to School/Work. 
Love that girl. 

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