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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

November Memories!

November was actually a busy and happening month! Here's what went on in our life:

Andy's Dad's Birthday dinner

A few pictures of Max. He follows me everywhere and loves laying on freshly cleaned clothes or towels. 

I had an amazing surprise one day in early November. My sister Shayna and my mom decided to take me to lunch one day while Andy was out of town. About 5 minutes after sitting down my other sister and her whole family walked in. The ones that were supposed to be living in Texas. They had drove home over the previous few days and had moved back. It was pure bliss. I loved seeing them and I'm oh so happy they are home! 

Kira and I making funny faces at home one evening. This girl LOVES taking funny and random pictures, but ask her to smile for real and it's not going to happen! 

Some random family time hanging out with the Atkinsons! It's a big deal because they were back in Utah. I soaked up as much time in the first week or so as I could!

My 31st Birthday came and went. I feel older but ya know it's actually much easier than last years birthday! Turning 30 was hard. 31 was a breeze. 

Collin and I took a bunch of pictures while we waited for Kira to get there. 

And she arrived and I barely got her to take one picture. Ugh, this girl. I tell you she's a tough one. 

Visiting Grandma Riggs. 

More random days. 

Thanks giving at our House!

Kira taking pictures of me and Andy 

We went black friday shopping and Kira helped me pick out gifts for her cousins. She also saved up some money and got to buy a toy for herself. I was amazed at how well she did! 

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