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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Happenings Vol. 1 | The Santa Party

I can't believe that Christmas is in 2 days. I was completely not ready last week and after this weekend I think I might survive. Andy and I have had a rough year buying Christmas for Kira as well as each other. We have a bad habit of buying something when we want it instead of waiting for Christmas and Birthdays, etc. Andy decided we should take a trip to Salt Lake just the two of us and do some shopping together. We did just that and it was so relaxing and nice! We headed out Friday after work and stayed at the Marriott at City Creek. We went shopping and got most of our Christmas shopping done that night. We ate at the Naked Fish, a Japanese sushi restaurant. The next morning we headed north and stopped at Toys R Us before heading home. It was a great quick trip and I loved spending time just the two of us. Of course I spaced taking any pictures, ugh.

Once we were home we headed to the Annual Riggs Family Christmas Party! It was an interesting one this year, but fun non the less.

Andy was the life of the party with the little kids. He's so amazing with kids, it's one of the many reasons I love him. THEY HAD A BLAST jumping, sitting and tickling him. I laughed so much.

Santa then came. It was a rough day for Santa. He isn't sure about all the warm weather in Utah and had to wear shorts. (Super funny situation but it worked out well and he made it work wonderfully). This was the second time Kira had sat on Santa's lap with us. The First time was at our work party (post to come) and she said what she wanted was a secret and wouldn't tell us what she told santa. At least at the family party we got to hear it! Kira got a mermaid barbie and had been playing with it since she got it. She was so excited to take a bath so she could play with it in the water too.

I love our Riggs Santa party. It's always a fun time hanging out with family and just enjoying the moment. 

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