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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Happenings Vol. 6 | Festive Randoms

Oh I just love this time of year. This season I've been more stressed out than usual. I've had SOO many more photo sessions than I expected and it has kept me busy nearly every day for 3 or 4 weeks. I'll be relieved to be done after tomorrow, Christmas eve (I have two photo sessions tomorrow)! I have 3 whole days with no photo sessions. It will be pure bliss. I'm going to relax, spend time with family, Andy and Kira and just enjoy my time off. This year's Christmas Cards were super cute and we whipped this idea up in a few minutes. I didn't have to get ready, I just had to buy some Christmas Socks. LOVED IT! 

And I love our tree. I get compliments on it all the time and just love the full height and that I have enough decorations to fill it. 

Mr. Calvin our elf has been fairly good, sneaky and just a little mischievous this year. He and Iron Man got into it and Iron make taped him to the wall. He also took a hot air balloon ride (See photo Below). The one morning Calvin actually went on a date with Barbie and they were sipping syrup in the kitchen and I forgot to get a picture of it! Ugh. He also made is own Hot Tub because he see's her getting in the hot tub all the time. She has fun looking for Calvin. 

A few weeks ago I had a two photo sessions at the Merrill Family Christmas Tree location on the highway. Kira decided she wanted to come with and she was a big help to the two little girls I was doing photos for. Notice her bandanna, which was left over from the Olaf blanket we made together. (ok mostly me but she was there for moral support). They had reindeer there so we got to watch them for a bit. Her favorite one was the one with the broken antlers. 

It only took me a week or more but I also decorated my office. I love seeing Christmas trees in the office. 

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