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Monday, August 19, 2013

New House!

Andy and I are officially home owners together! We are so excited about having a new house and have been loving every minute. We had been looking for about 6 months before we found this one. We had originally been looking at the north end of the valley since that is were we both work - HOWEVER the perfect home was found in Hyrum. While it's a longer drive, the house and SHOP make up for it. It has everything we asked for with room to upgrade a few items in the future. The neighborhood has been great so far and everyone is very friendly. I love the house and having a garage while Andy was immediately sold on the Shop. Here are some pictures - the Master Bedroom/Bathroom is under painting construction so it's not posted and the Shop is not posted. The Shop is much larger than the garage though so Andy is in heaven. I'm sure his next thought is he has to fill it with tools and equipment. I'm ecstatic to have a room for photography (also not shown) as well as lots of storage. 

Home Sweet Home 

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