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Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm so slacking on posting to this blog or doing anything online lately. I have been working a ton and life has been a little stressful and crazy. So... here's my update!

Work: is still crazy! I worked till 9 last night till 8 tonight and like 6:30 or something on tuesday. It goes in spans though. Some weeks I work 7:30 till 5 or 6 but this week there is lots to do! I love my job. Even as busy and as stressful as it may be some days. I intimately want to go to work every single day. I enjoy what I do and the people that are there are great!

Dance: We are almost ready for the November fest at coming up in a few weeks. Exciting. I am now only teaching monday and wednesday because work is so busy i have tuesdays and thursdays to catch up.

Dating: WHY IS IT SO COMPLICATED??? Ugh. I almost think being single forever would be ok. Except for the lonely feeling I get all the time. I need a companion. But really? Drama Drama Drama and I'm not really looking for a serious relationship right now but all the "just dating" relationships are filled with more complications than I am beginning to think I can handle.

Living: I am still at my mom's, although I think I see her maybe 2 or 3 days a week. Her and my dad go to bed early and I'm a night owl. They get up before me and I usually get home after they have went to bed. But I do like it for a few reasons. They take care of Max for me while I'm gone. Poor guy. He is so lonely sometimes too. It's good for him to play with Quincy. I really do like having or knowing that I'm not the only one home, unlike if I got my own place. Their house is central. Easy to get to and go basically anywhere and it's close to town.

Max: oh poor guy. I got his hair cut before halloween and he was so matted they cut it way short! He looks good but I'm sure he is freezing outside now with the cold.
Quincy and Max - before Hair Cut

Max, Quincy and I after hair cut

Time of Year: I love this time of year. I love the fall. I'm so excited for the Holidays! I bought my snowboarding season pass to Beaver and can't wait to use it! I'd better get my money's worth! :) I'm sure I will. Matt, a really good friend at work, will ensure we get our money's worth! I hope I improve. I just gotta not be scared to try something new!

Boat: The boat is winterized and covered. With a motor heater no cracks in the block this year!

Books: I read The Hunger Games... LOVED IT! I bought the Box Set and would highly recommend this series to anyone.

Well that's about all my brain can take tonight. Quite the update right? Well it's something.

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