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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween at Work

Every year my work dresses up and goes to lunch! This year we went to sizzler! The 4 girls in the office dressed up as M&M's! It was a of fun! Jen's sister made our costumes, which were awesome! We each had a candy dish on our desks with our color of M&M's. My boss, his wife, 2 kids, their nanny and his father in law all dressed up as the Mystery Inc crew (scooby, shaggy, etc). They were great! Mack, Alli, Jen and Stacey

Fred, Shaggy, The Van, Daphnie, Velma, and Scooby.

The whole gang!

I'll post pictures of the other parties when I steal photos from Julie, Alexis and Shayna since I forgot my camera both friday and saturday night! :( ugh.


jhjonze said...

So cute!

Callaways said...

looks like fun!!! I love Halloween!!! and I LOVE the people who get into it and have fun.. you look great.