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Monday, November 9, 2009


We needed a weekend away so we took off to Moab. A guy at work knows Moab really well and helped me plan a few things to do. Friday night we got there around 7, went to dinner, got in the hot tub and lounged around. Saturday we went through Long Canyon, Dead Horse Point, Canyon Lands, Mesa Arch, Shaffers trail, and Corona Arch, as well as dinner and some shopping. Sunday we got up and went to Arches for a little bit and then headed home. Here are just a few pictures from the beautiful scenery! It was about 83° on Saturday. Then we come home to 47° weather... ouch! We had a great time.
Delicate Arch
Double Arches

Turret Arch

North and South Windows


Corona Arch - This hike was AWESOME!

Jug Handle Arch

Switch backs on Shaffer's Trail

Mesa Arch

Long Canyon

Over look

The Colorado River

At Dead Horse Point

Again at Dead Horse Point


Rachel said...

How fun... i'm jealous of the 83 degree weather. That last picture of you 2 is awesome!!

Ash & Tim said...

The pictures are beautiful! What a fun getaway for the weekend. I can't believe how many things you did in one weekend. How did you fit that all in? Looks like a blast!

Misha said...

I am happy you had such a good time. I wish I could get away for the weekend, It would be even better if Andy joined me.

Callaways said...

so cool... I love fun get aways like that!!!