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Friday, October 9, 2009

H1N1 - Swine Flu

Well it was inevitable, I guess. Since Jason is so accident prone I guess getting sick is in that catagory as well. Tuesday Jason came down with a cold. We didn't think much of it. It kept getting worse though so Thurdsday he went to his family doctor who did a few tests and then sent him to Logan Regional Hospital to be admitted overnight with most likey the H1N1, swine flu.

He spent the night in a clean room. It took them 8 tries to get a IV in him. I guess since he was so dehydrated his veins wouldn't cooperate. His doctor told him he did have the swine flu. They exrayed his chest and his lungs looked good. He got discharged today at about 10:30 AM. We went home and took a nap. At about 3:00 i woke up feeling horrible. I went up to Insta Care. The doctor decided not to run H1N1 Tests since Jason already had it and I had most of the symptoms. I was at insta care for about 3 hours. They were really slow. The pharmacy there had issues with our insurance not wanting to pay for my prescriptions. (I hate insurance by the way. They are great until you reach your deductible then they try to get out of everything!) Anyways. We're home now and basically quarantined here until we feel better. Jason's doctor is having him come back in on Tuesday for a check up. The insta Care doctor said I would most likely be home till Friday.

Yuck! Keep washing your hands!


Stephanie said...

So sorry you are sick! Get feeling better soon. If you need anything, let me know!

Mandy said...

Look on the bright side, if you aren't feeling to crappy you can get caught up on scrapbooking!