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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jason's Surgery

Last Sunday Jason punched a brick wall and broke his 5th metacarple in his right hand. He broke it to a 55 Degree angle and it was so bad they decided not to set it back in place but instead to put a pin in it. So Friday morning we headed to the hopsital at 6 am for surgery. The surgery took only 30 minutes but we were there till about 11:30 am. Jason was put under and came out of it great. Pain wasn't all that fun and is slowly getting better. He'll have the pin in for about a month. He's recovering great. Mobility with is hand is very limited at the moment but it's getting better!He's ready for surgery (doesn't he loook happy?)

After surgery - Can't see much

Relaxing. First thing he did when he got out was switch that hair net for his hat.

X-Ray with the pin in his bone.

One final picture before we head home.


Ash & Tim said...

That is too bad -but part of me is still wondering what he was thinking when he punched the "brick" wall? Although his face in the first picture does say it all! Hopefully he has a quick recovery and doesn't do that again :)

Callaways said...

well that definitly doesn't look like fun!!! what a bummer.. Hope he's feeling better.