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Monday, July 13, 2009

Shayna and Brady's Wedding

My little sis is married! The day went really well, a little stressful for my mom, sister steph and I as we had to make sure it all got done but it was fun. (and a HUGE thank-you to my aunt beth, cousins Jenny, Trish and Ally and my sister Jamee) for all their help in decorating, setting up and with the food) There are a bunch of pictures and they aren't in order but oh well, enjoy!

The beautiful but original cake by Karen and Alexis Hess


Callaways said...

so awesome... looks great and glad it went well.. she' looks beautiful.

Rachel said...

I still can't get over that your sister married Brady. They are so cute together! I still remember him from high school and that group dance we all went to together, he was so funny.

Shayna looked so beautiful and i LOVE her dress. The bridesmaid dresses were way cute too. You looked so pretty in it. Congratulations to the happy couple and best of luck!