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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just a little update tonight...

Jason's doing well. His hand is feeling better, however it's still really swollen. He goes in tomorrow to get his stitch out. Hopefully it's healing correctly and the doctor thinks it's looking good. He's suppose to have another 2-3 weeks with the pin in so we'll see what the doc says tomorrow.

In other news life is doing really good. Work is staying somewhat busy and that's always good. Summer dance is over and the new season starts here in about 2 weeks... where has my summer gone???? Oh man i sure didn't get enough playing in and there's not much time left. :( I have 1 more wedding this summer, my cousin Emi's up in Caldwell ID the in a few weeks. Boating may be over for us this summer, Jason can't hardley drive and Wakeboarding is out of the question. I might have to get Klay and Andy to take us out so i can get one more ride in before fall/winter.

I have a few more posts i need to do (bear lake, dogs, Misha's baby shower, boating with my cousin, etc) but haven't loaded my pictures yet so it might be a few days. :) I know i love picture posts more than non picture posts so I'll work on that! That's about life these days.

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