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Monday, September 1, 2008

My Best Friends Wedding

One of my best friends got married on Saturday! Alexis and Tyler Augustus were happily married at Sherwood Hills, and they both looked amazing! I was lucky enough to be apart of the wedding and help out. I'm so excited for Alexis, Tyler and their daughter Bentley. Enjoy a few of the pictures from the wedding, it was beautiful!


sheena said...

I am not sure how i came across your blog... I went to school with Alexis and just wanted to tell her CONGRATS on getting married and her beautiful baby girl!

Callaways said...

Hay Stacey... looks like fun.. and you all look so cute... glad you had a fun time.

The Jensen Family said...

Were so sad we missed the wedding but I'm glad you have some pics posted so I could see how beautful everyone looks! I totally missed out; now I'm sad.