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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Klay and Julie Grover

Our friends Klay and Julie tied the knot last weekend on the 13th of September! They got married at the Alumni house and had their reception at Jen's Joahansen Park in Logan. They both looked great! Misha and I helped with decorations, Andy and Jason did the fireworks - well the ones that worked! It was a great event and we're so happy for them! They went on a cruise to Mexico for their honeymoon!

The Gang... Jason, Stacey, Julie, Klay, Andy, Misha, Derry and Scott
The Guys!

Stacey and Jason

Andy and Cai, The ring Bearer

1 comment:

Callaways said...

so awesome... Tell Jules I wish her the very best. I was gone or I would have come.... She looks awesome.. and hope she had fun on her cruise.