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Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday Happenings - Vol 1

Christmas and the Holidays are always a busy time of year. And we always have a TON of pictures of different things we are doing. So here is Volume #1. 

1. Christmas Tree - Andy, Kira and I decorated the tree and the house.
2. Christmas Wish List - Kira wrote a wish list for all of us. Her's included family photos with her entire family. See additional post on that one!
3. Our Elf on the Shelf Calvin came back. She stole my Poloroid Camera and took his own picture. Kira loved it. 
4. We gave our neighbors yummy Carmel Apples from BBSweets
5. We made Gingerbread Trees and houses. 
6. I also decorated my office. It's a tradition 

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