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Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter 4x4 Jamboree

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The Tuesday Ten

Today's Tuesday Ten is a personal Post. Just over a week ago we took a quick weekend getaway and headed south to St George / Hurricane area. We attended an event called Winter 4x4 Jamboree. After attending this even for three years, the event has become one of our favorites to attend with the jeep. If you own a jeep or side by side you need to go to Hurricane! Here's 10 of my favorites from our trip.

1. No Work :) okay. I know that's not super awesome but seriously anytime we can get away from work for a couple of days it's sure for a good time.
2. Family Time. We are lucky to have family that enjoy this sport and attend events with us. Andy's parents bring their jeep with us all the time and it's always a blast seeing what we can do. Our jeep is the one and theirs is the red one in this picture.

3. Warm Weather - There was NO snow! In the middle of winter in Cache Valley what's better than a warm climate and destination with no snow? It wasn't amazing and hot weather like I really wanted but it was warmer than Cache Valley by a long shot!

4. Obstacles - We have had a blast finding some awesome obstacles to adventure to/over. We did a trail on Friday called "Renegade" which basically took our small group around to some fun obstacles from different trails. It was awesome and we loved seeing the different rigs drive the lines. From one rig to the next they can do entirely different things, it all depends on where you drive. 

5. Tipping Action - On that same trail we also saw some Tipping Action. This white jeep (not mine) almost tipped over a couple of times at the end of this run. What you don't see in the photo below is the 20 foot nearly vertical climb this rig just took. They were a little tippy at the very top so about 4 guys or more ended up grabbing on, jumping on and helping the jeep make it without tipping. Fun stuff to watch but can be scary!

6. Scenery - Sand Hollow area is beautiful and the scenery changes from red rock to sand and even water.

7. Time with my Hubby -  I love that Andy and I get to do this hobby together. We have a blast and I'm so lucky to have gotten into it with his help.

8. Time with Kira - We've been fortunate to take Kira with us the last 2 years. It's always fun to have her with us on vacation and she loves that Grandma and Grandpa go with us. Her favorite part is the sand. She could stop and play in the sand all day long! 

9. Raffle - The event does a raffle Saturday night and it's usually fun to attend. Last year I won my bumper and the year before that I won some lights, a lift kit, and more. This year I was not as lucky and came home empty handed... BUT the money goes for a good cause to help them keep the lands open for public use.

10. Dinner - The event always does a dinner as well. It's usually a BBQ dinner and has been pretty tasty. It's a great way to get to know people in the industry. We always run into people from Cache Valley while we are there.

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