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Friday, February 12, 2016

Midway Ice Castles

A copy over from my Photography blog...
The Tuesday Ten

Another personal post for this weeks Tuesday Ten. A couple of weeks ago we headed down to the Midway Ice Castles. It's been on my bucket list for a few years and I was thrilled when we got to go this year. We got online to book the day before we went and I couldn't believe it, nearly the entire day was SOLD OUT. We managed to get tickets for Andy's family to go at 2:30 pm. It wasn't the ideal time but we booked it anyways. It was fabulous and I had a blast. It was actually REALLY fun to take my camera and get some amazing shots during this family outing. These days taking my "nice" camera is rare for family events. So enjoy... 10 reasons I loved this place.

1. BEAUTIFUL - There's just something cool about ice. Pair that with actual structures and it's brilliant! The ice created castles are beautiful and amazing. They aren't as large as I was expecting but there is some serious talent put into creating this masterpiece.

2. Man made - All the ice castles are man made. They put blocks of ice and then PVC pipe with water to create a castle. Really cool and you can tell a lot of hard work went into the structures.

3. Family Friendly - It is definitely a place to take your kids. The kids loved walking around the snow and through all the structures.

4. Slot Canyon - The slot canyon was my favorite part! It's a cool narrow alley of ice. We went in that section twice. Took our time the second time while the kids were waiting in line for the slide, totally made it better!

5. Ice formations - The ice hanging from the ceiling and structures is weird, eerie and amazing all in one. 

6. Slides - They have two slides that even the adults went down. 

 7.  Close to home - This trip could totally be done in a day drive. We stayed at Andy's sister's house that night as they are only about 20-30 minutes away. We got there a little before our allotted time and stayed about an hour and a half.

8. Downfall - Ok so there is a downfall.  It was BUSY. Like really busy. But we managed to see everything we wanted so it didn't affect it too much. The line for the large slide was LONG and took about 45 minutes to get to the front.

9. Night Time vs Day Time - We went during the day again because we couldn't go at night. However, if I had the choice I think I'd rather see these things at night. They get lit up with colored lights and they play music. Seems kinda fun!

10. Frozen - We got to see the Frozen Characters and the kids LOVED it. We were lucky to see them when we did as we were the last people before they were taking their break.

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