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Friday, February 13, 2015

Playing with some of my Loves / Parent Teacher Conference

Thursday I was killing time after work and before Parent Teacher Conferences with Kira so I headed to my mom's to see my sister Steph and Lexie. Collin was there too so we hung out as well. He has a "Boot" on his foot because he broke it in 3 places jumping off the stairs last week. Lexie was super cute and LOVES to get into everything she can reach. Collin and I played Ninja Turtles for a minute. Super cute kids!

I then headed to Bridger Elementary to meet Andy, Kira, Misha and Roger for Parent Teacher Conferences. I missed the last one so I was excited to see how well she had been doing at school. We don't hear much about school and never see her homework so we aren't sure what she works on, is learning or how to help her. We ask her every time we get her about school and try to coax information from her and ask intriguing questions but with very little response back. Her scores this round were amazing and she went from very below average at the start of the school year to above average! Way to go Kira. Daddy and Stacey are so proud of you. 

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