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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Darling Dancers

Kira is a darling dancer. She takes dance at La Shars where her mom teaches. We got to go watch her dance for their Halloween showcase. They each got to dress up in a Halloween costume. I had only found out that Kira needed to dress up in a custom the night before at about bedtime so we just went with something we already had. I let her pick Cinderella or Ariel and she picked Ariel. Pretty cute little mermaid if you ask me. She knew her dances and paid attention a lot better than at last years performances I saw so that was fun. She also danced next to a little girl who's dad works with Andy and I so that was fun to see them together. We hung out in the parking lot with Andy's sister, nephew and brother in law for a bit and then went over to Andy's parents for breakfast. Super fun. 

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