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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Riggs Family Christmas Santa Party

Last sunday my family got together for our annual Riggs Family Christmas Santa Party. Dinner, Santa, Gifts and just enjoying each others company. We only get to see the entire family (or most of it) once or twice a year so it's always nice to get together. We are accruing quite the batch of kids now - it's fun to see them sit on Santa's lap and see what they want for Christmas. It's also fun to see what the adults want and what kind of haggling they do with Santa. This year for instance, Paul was a riot. I always enjoy this a party. This year was especially sentimental as my sister and her family were less than a week away from moving. Every time I get to see and talk to them it's very dear to my heart. Oh how I'm going to miss those kids (and my sister and Ray :) ). So here my picture overload! 


Carol said...

Love the pictures! Precious!!!,

Shannon said...

I am going to miss them too :(