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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Team Name: If we weren't all crazy we'd all go insane. (From a Jimmy Buffet song).

Now I can officially say I have entered and conquered the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay. That last 4.2 mile leg was the most difficult time of my life. It was 80 degrees outside, I was already sunburned, already ran 2 other legs, was working on a little less than 2 hours of sleep and starting to cramp up - However I only walked a short 50 feet maybe and I completed it! YEAH! Our team started at 8 AM on friday morning and finished sometime around 3:30 PM on Saturday! That runs us as a team at just barely over a 10 minute mile for 189.7 miles. Originally it was 188.2 however last minute they bumped Robert's last 2200 foot climb DOWN 5.1 miles into about 6.6 miles so it totalled 189.7 total miles that our 12 runner team completed. One of the amazing things - each runner ran their own legs the entire race. Not once did anyone have to fill in to complete a leg. My boss said that's the 1st time in 3 years that he's seen that, add on the great time = success! We rock. We actually came in about 1 minute behind a team that started at 5 AM on saturday. Pretty rockn. I had a blast. I was the only female in our van (van #2). Van 1 had 2 males and 5 females. I feel like this was such an accomplishment. I have never trained for running in my life - it wasn't fun but so rewarding to be able to say I've done it, and I did it with no help! That was my only goal, to just finish. I know I ran slow but I was ok with that. I have about 173 pictures and I need to get pictures from the other runners so here's my FAVORITE picture.

Van #2 Rocks - Robert (my boss, runner 11), Pete (works with me, runner 8), Andy (works with me, runner 9), Stacey (me, runner 7), Brian (a friend of Robert's neighbor, runner 12), Roger (works with me, our AWESOME driver and support help), and Spencer (works with me, runner 10).

Check out the ragnar website to see what legs we had to run if you want!

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M said...

go stacey! it sounds exhausting. good for you!