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Sunday, June 13, 2010

May 2010 Card Club

May was the second month of our Card Club. Here's the post on the cards for the month. The theme was Wedding! Vote for your FAVORITE card!! The card club members still vote and their vote will count as two votes, all others will only count as 1. (Thus giving the club members vote a little more weight). Voting on the blog is only open for 2 days to count, so if no one on the blog votes then only the votes of the club members will count. So blog voting goes from Today (sunday) until Tuesday.

Again, pictures don't really do the cards justice but it's all I've got!

Card # 1

Card # 2

Card # 3

Card # 4

Card # 5

Card # 6

Card # 7

Stay tuned to see which card wins!


Mandy said...

i'd vote for card #5! It's super cute!!!

Stacey said...

I vote for card # 4

Anonymous said...

Alexis Hess - I vote for card number 4 :)

Shayna said...

i vote for #2

The Jones Family said...


Jenny said...


Kodi said...

I think I vote for #7. I just love the idea!! So cute and original! :)

Kodi said...
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