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Monday, April 26, 2010

Dance Competitions

This past saturday was the beginning of 3 long weekends with dance competitions taking up my saturdays! This one was at Logan Rec Center, and the director of Rhythm Connection puts this one on so it's a busy day for us. Helping with the competition and getting all my girls on the floor makes for a stressful but fun day. These pictures are in no particular order.
My hip hop girls doing their stall!

College dance - Stacey and Chelsey

Julie, Kym, Chelsey, Stacey, Lanli and Jessica

Melissa, Stacey and Danielle (getting ready for Hip Hop)

My niece Jaycie and I

My lyrical - they won an Judges choice award for this dance!

My other lyrical.
Friday night was the solos. We had a bunch of girls do solos. Two that I helped competed.

Melissa, Danielle, Jessica, Stacey and Sarah after the awards.

Danielle and Stacey - I helped choreograph the end of her dance and she did the rest! She got Queen - she's amazing.

Stacey and Tristen. I choreographed her solo. She had never done a solo before and did a great job. She got 1st attendant.
Well another dance competition this weekend!


Larsons said...

hey jerk.. why didn't we get any pictures.. jk.. it might be because i dont teach anymore :(

Larsons said...

you need to decide when we are going to the gorge and lets PLAN IT!