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Friday, April 30, 2010

UPDATED!!!! - Card Club - April 2010

April started the next edition of our Card Club. This go-round I'm going to be posting all the cards on my blog and getting votes for the FAVORITE card!! Last time I only had the card club members vote. This time I'm broadening the scope. The card club members still vote and their vote will count as two votes, all others will only count as 1. (Thus giving the club members vote a little more weight). Voting on the blog is only open for 2 days to count, so if no one on the blog votes then only the votes of the club members will count. Since I pay for the prizes I think this is fair and a little more fun!

Each month has a theme. This month was either Mother's Day or Father's Day. So which card will you vote for?? and what did you like about the card?

Disclaimer: pictures don't really do all the cards justice. Seeing/feeling the texture, different sizes etc is so much better but pictures will have to do!

Card # 1 - By Shayna Larson

Card # 2 - By Kodi Elison

Card # 3 - By Jenny Bott

Card # 4 - By Jennifer Williams

Card # 5 - By Stacey Moss

Card # 6 - By Alexis Hess

Card # 7 - By Carol Hawkes

Winner is card # 5.... by Stacey. Ok so I really didn't plan that! Last card club I didn't win once (which is fine cause I hate giving myself a prize) So i figured this time around would be similar. I thought about not giving a prize since it's for me, but this time I think I'll keep it. It's really cute... A pack of colored Brads.

Thanks for all your votes. Tune in at the end of May to vote again!


Larsons said...

i could just text you my choice but i figure i'd do it on here.... my vote is for #5

Rachel said...

Cute cards! I have a card/craft group with some friends and it's always nice to have a creative night with the girls :) I like card #2

Stacey said...

AH votes for card #6

Stacey said...

BH votes for card #2

Kodi said...

Stacey! What a fun idea for voting! The cards were so cute this month and I can't believe that we were all on time!! :) I think my favorite was the Father's Day card, #4.

The Riggs said...

Cute Cards! Love the flower on that is my vote !

Stacey said...

Carol votes for Card # 5

Stacey said...

Stacey's vote is Card # 4

Stacey said...

Jen votes for card # 6

The Jones Family said...