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Friday, March 19, 2010

New Chapter

Well it's officially time to start a new chapter in life. Jason's and my divorce decree was approved and signed by the judge on Wednesday March 17th (St. Patrick's Day). It was 10 days before our 6 year anniversary would have hit, weird to me.

It's a hard time in life right now, but I'm very relieved to have it over with. I'm extremely surprised we didn't have to wait the mandatory 90 days the state of Utah requires, (I guess my 90 day waiver I filled out was done correctly and I had some good info/requests on there).

So time to start something new, but what? Ugh. Being single, oh the joys I'm so not looking forward to. Since the last time I dated which was over 7 years ago time has really changed things. I hear the new "in" thing is online dating, weird.

I'm very appreciative that our divorce went so smooth. Jason and I basically got along really well throughout the entire thing, a few minor fights and one big stressful event but other than that we were able to agree and do everything on our own. No lawyers involved and I did all the paperwork online by myself. Piece of cake. Not that I ever want to go through this again but it is nice to know that not all divorces end in the "I hate them" mode or go through the "I'm going to screw them over" idea. I still talk to Jason and have a feeling I most likely will continue to do so. We just had our differences and I chose to go my own way. I am appreciative of all the support I've had from family and friends as well as Jason's cooperation.

I've learned lately that looking on the bright side of things isn't always easy but it sure does make life more livable.


Larsons said...

i would advise to not do the online dating.. no offense to those of you who it worked for, i just don't think it'd be good for stac! but on the upside, maybe your migranes will go away because you wont be so stressed out......... and i'm excited for tomorrow! :)

Stacey said...

No online dating huh? :) it worked for Megan, so you never know.

Yes migranes have actually gotten better. It's been 3 weeks i think which is HUGE shay!

Tomorrow will be absolutly fun!

Larsons said...

i may be obsessed but guess what i just learned how to make......... ZIPPER flowers! :) i'm going to make a braclet and my own headbands :) wanna make one?

Alli Parry said...

Stac i didn't even know. I'm sorry you had to go through that, never fun. But its good to hear you be so positive! and that you and Jason will be on good terms... I'm glad I got out of mine within a year of us getting married, it would of been so hard going longer. So i can't even imagine. Good luck on the dating. and who knows maybe i'll have a guy or two for you :)