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Monday, March 29, 2010

Beaver Mountain Bash

A few guys at my work decided to do the Beaver Mountain Box Car Derby on Saturday. This was the 1st annual derby at Beaver. It actually was a lot of fun. The rules were cardboard, string and tape only. The guys worked on the car the past week during lunch, breaks and after work. The owner, Robert, sponsored the guys and paid the $20 entry fee. Larry, Andy, Matt B, and Matt L were the "Hycomp Derby Team". Larry helped build the car and the other 3 were the official riders. The boys did really well. They were super fast and we think they won, however unfair judging played a part and they didn't win the $200. Their box stayed in tact the entire way down. They even went through the barrier at the end, over the hill, and kept going toward the face lift. If there were a prize for the farthest distance they would have gotten it! Here's some picture of the process of creating, and running the car as well as a video link to you tube.
Larry, Andy, Logan, and Matt Baldwin
Andy painting the car "Hycomp Blue"
Andy, Larry, Logan, and Matt Logan. Bottom View.
it's done! WN150 is the largest compressor model Hycomp makes.

Part of the crew (missing Andy)
The drivers/riders Matt Baldwin, Andy Hansen and Matt Logan.

On their way down!

Watch the YouTube Video!

Saturday they also did the Pond Skim. Matt Logan is pictured below. He made 2 crosses, the 3rd one he fell in. It was a fun day!

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