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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Park City

We went to the Park City Home Show with Jason's parents! It was alot of fun. Almost every home was over 2 millon (most by a few more millon). Only 1 was under and it as a town home for 1.5 i believe. The most expensive was 8 mil. Amazing homes! Now I want to remodel! :) They have a no photo policy but i managed to get only a few on my phone. I'll post those later. And our hotel room was beautiful! 5 star for sure. I got a lot of photos of it... We stay ed at the Westgate at the Canyons. We had a 1 bedroom suite connected to a larger suite with Jason's parents. It was so nice. We had a full, small kitchen. Jason's parents had a full and wonderful kitchen with a large kitchen table. They had a living room with a flat screen tv and two couches. Their bedroom was large with a big jetted tub. There was a washer/dryer. Our room was nice with a king size bed and a flat screen tv. Each bathroom had a great shower with a steamer and a large shower head. Here are just a few photos!

Our bed

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Ash & Tim said...

I love staying there. My parents have a timeshare through Westgates and it is so nice. My favorite is the steamer in the shower! Can't wait to see pictures of the homes -I am sure it was absolutely amazing! Way to go on all the posting too!