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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Andy and Misha's Baby

Our very good friends Andy and Misha had their baby on August 31st. She is adorable and already has both of them wrapped around her fingers. :) Kira McBride Hansen was 7 lbs 12 oz.... I think. Kira and very happy Daddy
So cute!

The new family

Mommy and Kira

I'm an aunt! :) Kira and me


Klay - he didn't want to hold her! I had to make him!


We are so very happy for Andy and Misha. Baby Kira is adorable. I'm sure being a new parent is no easy task. The never ending sleepless nights, ups and downs with Kira take their toll. But i'm sure it's all worth it in the end. She's perfect you guys! Congrats!

1 comment:

Misha said...

Thanks Stac, I appreciate your understanding and support.