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Sunday, October 26, 2008

USU Homecoming Dance

I've been attending USU for about 6 years now, yes sad I know, and I've never been to the Homecoming dance before. So this year I talked Jason into taking me! Shayna and her boyfriend Brady and Megan and her boyfriend Clarence came along as well! We went to dinner at Iron Gate Grill and then headed up to the dance. It's somewhat different from highschool dances but a lot the same. There were about 4 rooms playing different kinds of music and we got to dance a lot so that was fun. Then we headed over to the A to become true aggies! Finally! ha ha. All in all it was a fun evening.


The Jensen Family said...

You all look so pretty, love it! That looks like fun to get all dressed up for a dance (memories)!

jhjonze said...

What cute pictures! Looks like a lot of fun! Say hi to Megan for me next time you see her.