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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend in Bear Lake!

We spent Saturday at Bear Lake and stayed over in the boat. Our neighbor had an open slip for his boat he wasn’t using at the marina so Jason and I camped in the boat for the first time and had a blast! As we pulled into Garden City we were meeting our friends at the Quick N Tasty to drop their cars off. Megan stopped at the gas station really quick and I kept thinking where is she? Well she called me and stays “Stac I’m kinda trapped here!” I’m like what? So I look across the street and yes, a truck and boat had pulled in right behind her car blocking her in! I know it’s hard to find parking when you have a boat because Jason complains about it constantly, but to block someone in? Come on! So we waited for the inconsiderate truck and boat to move so Megan could meet us. I mean really! Anyways, after we got to the Marina and were on our way it was so beautiful… but cold! The air temp was great and so sunny! But the water, well that’s always another story at Bear Lake. Needless to say only Klay and Jason got in the water and I didn’t get very many pictures other than Jason tubing but that’s ok because he had a blast!

Jason and Klay
Jason's like a kid! He loves tubing!
Almost falling off...
Skipping across the air!
The Girls! Julie, Megan and Stacey

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