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Monday, June 16, 2008

Lake Powell

This past weekend we took a trip with our best friends to Lake Powell! What an experience! Lake Powell is not only huge but beautiful! There are monsterous cliffs and canyons as well as tonz of water! We didn't get to see even half of the lake, maybe a fourth but it was alot of fun! Did a little bit of wakeboarding, jet skiing and lots of boating! We even found some cliffs for cliff jumping. We camped right off the main channel and enjoyed the stay. But I have concluded if we ever go back we're going all out and getting a house boat. That's where the fun is!

See below post for more pictures!

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Gailey Family said...

Stacey I am so glad you found my blog! You look like you are doing great! I am jealous you got to go to Powell we dont get to go for another month but I am dying to.