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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update on Max!

Max is so cute! He's definatly growing into a cute personality! Jason even plays with him! :) He is sleeping better at nights and is eating hard food. He's been able to climb up the stairs for a few days now. Also, yesterday he went down the stairs for the first time! He'll be getting into everything soon. He tags along and follows me everywhere around the house. He's got the cutest little weak bark! I'm sure he'll grow into a stronger one eventually but I love it! He's got this fetish for shoes! He loves jason's flip flops and he loves my pink slippers. He steals them and hides 'em under the bed. He thinks he's tricky! He's my little boy and I'm so happy we got him!
Jason and Max playing tug-o-war!

Stacey and Max. Our friends were over and we had a water fight... Max sorta got in the middle of it. Poor guy, but he had fun!

We BBQed one night and Max had to be invloved. I think we wore him out and this is where he fell alseep. Comfy huh?
My pink slipper. Max would take it to the end of the hall and whine because I shut the bedroom door so he couldn't go hide it under the bed.


Hess Family said...

That is the cutest dog I have ever seen! I love it and want one! Great job on the Dance Review. It was a lot of fun!

Katie said...

Cute puppy but when ya gonna have a baby to grow up with that puppy? hehe!