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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My lucky sister!

Well my little sister is off adventuring in Hawaii! She's been there since the 25th of April and we're counting down the days till she comes home! (39 to be exact!) She's living on Oahu but this week they are on Kauai! How fun is that? Yes, I'm jealous! She's having fun as you can tell from the pictures! They've been hiking, seen waterfalls, swam in the ocean, swam across the ocean to China Man's Hat (a smaller island), been surfing, BBQing on the beach, and more! We really miss her back here in Utah but she's having the time of her life with 3 of her girl friends! We're just glad she calls! :)

Carly, Cami, Tara and Shayna


nickandmindi said...
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nickandmindi said...

Hey Stacey!! No fair your sis gets to go live there! That would be so much fun! your new puppy is so so cute too! looks like everything is going good! I'm glad!

* HAWAII LIFE* said...

Thanks for sharing your sis with us she has become the designated mother for the trip! We love her! And we're pretty sure we're not gonna give her back so get use to it! haha jk!