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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Updates - Oct 2016

I haven't updated since Kira's Birthday... Man on man. I'm behind! Here's a photo overload because really, that's my way of updating on our life.

But I do need to document this. We took Roxy to the vet last week to be spade. She did really well and recovered within a day or two. I took max with me that day to have the vet look at his eyes. He's been running into the bed at night and is cautious when he's at my mom's etc. I figured there was something wrong with his eyes. I was not expecting what we were told. He is completely blind in his left eye and nearly blind in the right eye. Poor guy. He's coping well and is actually adjusting better than I expected. The vet said it likely hit him fast and that he'd likely be fully blind in a few months. The vet said since he was able to see and knows his surroundings he should do fine at our house as long as we don't move anything or get new furniture. Poor guy. Just another issue with his health. And apparently, i only take photos of Max and Roxy when they are laying in our bed. H!