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Monday, April 25, 2016

Bathroom Remodel!!

Over a month ago I got this brilliant idea and drive to remodel our upstairs guest bathroom. It's been on "THE LIST" since we bought the house 2-1/2 years ago so it was just a matter of time before we started it. I am so THRILLED with the results, totally loving it! 

I took on this project and had originally told Andy I can do this and I only need your help with X, Y, Z. Well X, Y, Z came around and then I added A, B, C, and then H, G, F, etc etc etc. ha ha He totally rocked it and was so helpful. I took 2 weeks off of photography to work on it and then we weren't done and I got busy and totally dropped the finishing of my project and Andy picked it right back up and finished it for me. He's really amazing. I love how helpful and talented he is! My dad too! They both were huge help. 

I ordered tile at about midnight one night. I based the entire bathroom around the tile I picked. Totally love it and would recommend it to anyone, though the shipping was not the sturdiest. 

I started tearing the tile out late one night. But you see the tile or slate that was in the bathroom is not easy to remove, little did I know that! With a sledge hammer I went at it. Smashing all of the slate one small spot at a time until I could shovel most of it into buckets and take to the dump. It was a long and physical process - but I got it done! Andy helped me pull the shower tile out. Andy sanded the floor in some areas so that the previous thin set was more even, that was a DUSTY job. We then cleaned everything up because it was DUSTY, along with our entire house! ha. Andy pulled the vanity and toilet out before I had finished the floor. We also pulled the baseboard off before I pulled all the title up. Next up was paint. 
Andy did most of the painting because I'm a shorty but I did help. 
Andy and I sanded the vanity and I painted it. I also sanded the mirror and painted it. We decided because of our budget and costs of replacement we'd reuse the vanity and mirror. Except, Andy did add "legs" to the vanity to make it look more like a furniture piece. 

My dad came over and taught Andy how to tile. Andy did the floor and then my dad and I did the shower. Love the look of the shower, so glad we went to the ceiling. 

Andy re-installed the vanity, doors and drawers and framed up the countertop. Next he and my dad poured a Cement Countertop. It turned out great. Andy and I did the backsplash together and grouted. Andy sealed the countertop, installed the sink, hooked the sink, shower and toilet back up. My dad put the baseboard on and I caulked. It came together awesome! 

I look at the before and after photos and am in AWE. It's a huge difference. 

Budget was originally $1000 
We came in around $1550 - not too shabby, though I was over :) 


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