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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Moab with Jaycie

Andy and I haven't been to Moab in almost a year. We were craving it, bad. So we decided on a whim to head south over Fall Break / UEA for a few days. We took my niece Jaycie with us since she'd never been to Arches or Jeeping before. We set out early and were aiming for a grand 'ole time. Little did I know Moab was PACKED. I mean PACKED. Like worse than Easter Jeep Safari. O M G bad. We got down there while there was still day light which never happens but it took us over 2 hours to find somewhere to camp. Ugh. We got set up in a quick pull off the road at 11:15 pm just to let our heads hit the pillow since we'd been driving for over 7 hours.

Friday we got up and headed to Arches. It was a gorgeous day. We hiked around for a few hours to show Jaycie some of natures natural beauty. Then Moab Diner for lunch, yum. We drove Hells Revenge, our favorite, to end the day. We even drove hells gate which Jaycie loved. Camping with just the three of us was nice. Quite, serene, beautiful sky full of stars. Breathtaking. And plus I got to tease and get to know Jaycie better. Not sure she liked that but Andy and did.

Saturday we decided to drive a new trail and Jaycie got to pick. She liked Moab's Rim from the book we have so that's what we did. It was AWESOME and a little nerve racking at times. The first mile is straight up the side of a cliff with the Colorado River beneath you (hopefully my sister isn't reading this... it was all safe! ) I drove while Andy guided me up so it was actually really safe. He can guide nearly anyone up super hard lines and make them look easy because he knows a jeep and how it moves when your tires are placed here or there, etc. The trail was filled with some steel climbs but AMAZING views. On the way down we lost our Break Pad, it popped out. We went back down that last mile with the emergency break on and off. It made for a fun adventure. Off to the parts store we went. Andy changed out the break pad and rotor. Then we went to Gemini Bridges. Picked up dinner at the super market a movie and headed back to eat and relax under the stars.

Seriously a fun trip!

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