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Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Vacation | Vol 1

It's Summer! and we are loving it! We've had Kira for almost two weeks while her mom is on vacation. We've been super busy playing outside, enjoying the time we have with her and loving every second. I cut way back during those 2 weeks almost from photos so we could all hang out and boy do I love it. Here's a little bit about our first week of summer! 

Sidewalk chalk! We love sidewalk chalk and Kira got two boxes for Easter! We love that we have cemement in the backyard to color on too! 

Even Max came out to hang out with us! 

 Kira helped me draw our house

We got to spend time with cousins! We aren't sure we like the Hawkes Family living so far away because Kira misses Kade all the time but we sure do love our play dates! Kira loves Karli too. 

and Kaisley... climbing the trees of course

 BBQ / Picnic at Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's and for dessert roasting smores. 

We also created a Summer Bucket list. We have already been able to cross a few things of the lists!

 At the beginning of the week we make rock candy. Then we've tried to be patient while they grow... 

We got the boat out and cleaned it up. Kira loved helping out. I was super surprised! 

Played a little T Ball - A post on the entire season to come!  

Jeep rides of course!

Kira has been playing at Steph's house while we are at work. They made their own play dough! 

A mid week play date at the Splash Pad with Steph, Shayna and all their kids! We ordered Pizza and ate at the park. Such a fun evening with the gang. 

I can't believe it! 3 Months to go...

We helped some friends move on Friday night and hung out with their family. Super sad to see them leave! 

Saturday morning I headed to layton with my mom and sisters (Lexie too) to go dress shopping. 

Saturday we headed to Beaver Mountain for a wedding reception and had the Photo Booth set up. Kira loved the dance floor and kept taking dad or I out to dance and boogie. She gets scared and nervous dancing with others but she did great!

Finally the end of the week showed up and we loved our candy! 

Off to another week of fun! 

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