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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Holy S"censored"...

Tis true. Andy and I are engaged! We are super excited. 
It's been a while in the making but it's finally official. 
September 12, 2015

Here's how our story goes.

Andy and Kira proposed on Sunday February 22nd. I was in the middle of making a cake (well it was in the oven) so I headed down to the studio to edit some pictures while Andy and Kira went outside to play, or so I thought. They came down to the studio to see what I was doing a little while later. Kira had her arms behind her back and said they had a surprise for me. "You have to come up stairs", she said. Andy's like "it's ok we can give it to her here". Kira refused. We headed up stairs and my timer was going off (good thing they came down to get me).  We got to the kitchen and Kira hands me a small box. Then she gets nervous and shy and hides behind dad. Andy said they needed to do it right and took the box back and turned to talk to Kira. He got down on one knee with Kira at his side. They opened the box up. It was a gorgeous ring. Kira was still a little shy but she said "Will you marry" and then she pointed to dad who was next to / behind her. She did the whole head leaning and pointing thing but wouldn't actually say his name. I wish we had a video of it, it was cute. She then asked me to be her mom. She and Andy helped put the ring on and I gave them both hugs. I thought I had said "of course" but after a minute Andy said "I'm guessing that's a yes?".  I was tied up in the moment and either said it too quiet or not at all. ha Of course I cried, but only a little. 

We headed to Andy's Parents for Sunday dinner shortly after the cake was done. I asked him in the car what he wanted to say to them and he said he wasn't going to say anything and just see what happens. We were the first family there. Andy's parents were making dinner / hanging out in the kitchen. I took the cake in and Kira immediately came over and told grandma and grandpa they needed to see my finger. I guess we let Kira announce it! I waited for her to say something to Kade or Andy's sisters at dinner and she never did. So after we had ate I told Kira to share our secret with everyone. She didn't want to. ha ha . So we told them we were getting married, then she was excited. 

After dinner and dropping Kira off at her mom's we headed to my parents house. I had tried to get my sisters to come over and play games but Steph's kids were sick and Shayna had to work. Andy and I played Cover your Assets with my mom and dad. I waited for a good opportunity to overly expose my left hand during the game when I battled my dad for some expensive Jewels. My mom immediately caught on and grabbed my hand. My dad was still battling me for the cards. ha it was classic. They were both excited and my dad said "It's about time". 

The Ring 

 Andy actually personally designed this one on this own, with NO help from me. WOW. I am impressed! The ring in the top photo / save the date card is actually my ring. It's got an amazing rose gold inlay in the sides with a beautiful full 1 carat diamond suspended in a tension setting. There are three small diamonds on either side of the center stone. The white gold is brushed, not polished for a more classic old style slightly different metal look to it... I absolutely love it. 

I knew it was coming but he caught me off guard by a few weeks. I was expecting it sometime in March. I was fitted for it in January and they actually had it done and delivered to Andy by Valentines Day. Sneaky guy! Part of it was up in the air for quite a while on whether they could do it or not and it came right down to they'd have to actually try to make it to find out. Andy sure doesn't do things easy, does he? I'm not complaining though, it's completely 100% worth it. 

One time when we went in to get some questions answered Kira said, "we're at the Ring store again"? I was shocked. I had no idea she had even been to the ring store, and kept it a secret from me! Well played Mr Hansen, well played. 

Another time we headed to my parents after leaving SE Needham and Kira had told my dad we just left the ring store. I don't think he caught on cause he just dismissed it and kept the conversation between the two of them going! 

I love it Andy. And I love you. I am excited to be your wife and partner in crime. Not that it will change much of our life but making it official finally fits us. Kira is overly excited and talks about the wedding all the time. She's excited to pick out her dress, I'm sure I'm going to have to wind her into a corner on what she is going to wear. She wants to wear purple, and that's not exactly one of our colors. lol 

We slowly spread the word to family and friends throughout the week. On Friday we went to Maddox for Dinner, just the two of us, to celebrate. 

I'm sure I'll post wedding details along the way so stay tuned to see more wedding details. 

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