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Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome Summer!

We know it's officially summer when we get the boat out to the lake and that's exactly what we did last weekend for father's day!

We took my sister and her little boy Collin along with my niece Jaycie, Kira, Andy and I out for a Saturday afternoon boating excursion and then Kira, Andy and I went again on Sunday. My parents also took their boat out on Sunday to join us. There is just something about being on a boat on the lake and enjoying the time you have that makes Life so much beffer. Plus - the kids are just so cute to watch and play with. They both went tubing with me too! All in all it was a great father's day weekend. I didn't take pictures at my parents house when we did our Alaskan Fish Fry or when we gave gifts but they were minor in comparison to the fun we had boating. :) And in reality I didn't take my camera boating either these are from my sister's and I's phones. 

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