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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Christmas was good to me. Got to spend alot of time with my family. Christmas eve was a hard night. The past 7 years I've spend it with my inlaws. This year I played the wii with my dad. It was fun but a hard night. Christmas I spend with my family.

The night before new years i went to wendover with a girl from work, Erin. (you'll hear more about her i'm sure). We got off work at 5, went home for 5 min to grab my bag and headed to wendover. We stayed up all night and gambled till 4:30 am and then i drove us home. She stayed awake and talked to me the entire time. I went STRAIGHT to work at 8:30 on new years and worked till after 3. I was feeling it. Went home and crashed for oh 3 hours and got up and hung out for new years. It was A BLAST!! i can't wait to go again.

We've been boarding a few times, Erin and I. I went with Matt and Tim once. I love having a pass and don't feel bad about half days. I'm going this weekend and next Thursday with my friends Mary and Kit! It gets me away from GUY DRAMA and WORK! yay!

Well that's about the only update i have at the moment. Later

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