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Monday, October 18, 2010

Food for thought...

So I used to keep a journal. I was really good back in highschool / middle school. I somewhat updated in college and during married life. I know I wrote in it before I got divorced but I'm not sure about after. I went to do a journal entry (Lately i've been using the blog as a quick journal post but somethings I just don't want to share with everyone) and i can't find my latest journal. I'm bugged. I have like 4. One's full. The other two in my drawer are empty. The one I know i wrote in last is missing, I know what it looks like but I can't find it. Should I start writing in one of the others or keep looking till i find it? And another thought... why is it missing? i always keep them in the same spot. Even after moving out from my house in Nibley. Ugh.

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