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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boat Motor

Well this summer has been quite lacking - NO BOATING!!! :( I'm mad and so disappointed about it too. June had been quite rainy so by the end of June when it started to get nice I was ready to go boating. We tested the motor before we went out and found out i had a bad battery or it just wasn't charged. We charged it and tried again. After getting another battery to jump it, it worked. We decided to head to Hyrum for a cruise. We got out there took a min to jump the battery again and it started. I went driving and picked a friend up on the dock. We were just lightly crusing around Hyrum being the first time on the water in maybe 9 or 10 months when all of a sudden the boat motor stopped. I thought it was the battery but little did I know. We opened the motor compartment and WOW - FULL OF WATER. We were taking on water. It was not a good thing. My friend with me was a mechanic so he knew we were either looking at a crack or the freeze plug. We got a tow to the dock and swam the boat onto the trailer. Not an easy thing to do. Got it home and looked at it briefly. A freeze plug had popped out. We bought a new one and installed it. Decided we needed to give the motor a good look over before taking it out again. WELL... We found a CRACK in the block. That means the motor was not winterized before last winter. Which means water was in the motor and froze. :( UGH. Took the block into Horsepower farm to be rebuilt. While it was there i upgraded it to a 350 HP motor instead of a 305. Not a huge difference but more power is always better. Well 2 months later I got the block back. (They quoted 2 weeks). Also the price was double what they quoted. I'm not too happy about it but I want my boat back! My friend and I spent prob 12-15 hours on reinstalling it and putting the top back on. Now it's ready to test and all I need to do that is a new battery. Always something! So hopefully before it snows i'll be able to get it in the water and test the bran new motor and ensure that it works! I'm sure it does just need to confirm. Ah the joys of owning toys. :( Always costing money.

The cracked block

Andy installing the motor. One of many nights of working on the boat.

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