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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday was a busy day! First I got up and cleaned my jeep! Putting it up for sale if anyone is interested (2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo).

Then Jason went to mow lawns for his personal business while I went to my mom's to help with the "Wedding Project". I call it the wedding project because we have to have it all done before Shayna's wedding! SCARY!! My dad is an amazing guy who thinks or *knows* he can do anything he sets his mind to. (I do look up to him so much because let's face it, anything is has wanted to do he has figured out and done). He has been wanting to put a pond in the backyard for a while now, so when Shayna decided the wedding was in the back yard the ball started rolling! My dad has the blue print all in his mind! He's great like that, always designing and being great at the details. My mom is a little stress as they have 7 weekends (I think) to get this done, and that includes all the saturday bridal showers that My mom and Shayna will be going to. So for Mother's day we all headed over to my parents to help with the pond while my mom cooked lunch. (Funny how that worked out, but she was greatful for the help and didn't mind cooking). Jason showed up an hour or so later as well as my sister, her husband and their 2 kids. Shayna and my dad had been working all morning. We actually got a lot done and before we left they were ready to put the rubber pond lining it! YAY! It's getting there. My mom said a few more yard parties and she'll be done! - i'm not holding my breath on that one! I had my camera but I was pretty dirty and didn't remember to take pictures. I'll post some of the finished project when it's done. I think i have some before pictures as well!

After that we showered and headed out to Jason's parents for dinner. Max sure enjoyed their house! (He also enjoyed my parents but he didn't get quite as much attention because we were all busy!) Dinner was great and Jason's mom opened gifts! This time Jason's sister got a picture of us so here's that! I'll work on getting more pictures next time around!

Jason, Mandy, Dan, Pam, Max and Stacey
I hope both my mom and Jason's mom realize how important they are in our lives and how greatful we are to have them! They are both amazing mom's and I look up to them so much. I hope some day I'm half the mom they are!
Also. Happy late Mother's Day to all my friends/family that are mom's! Hope that Mother's day was special for you!

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