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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Winter!!

Well I have good news! My little sister is officially enaged! YAY! I'm so excited for her and Brady! They are planning on 07/08/09 for their wedding and my older sister and I have been asked to be in her line! We are all so happy they are getting married! She's the last one in the family to get married and we couldn't be more thrilled! She's such an amazing sister and friend!

Mr. and Mrs. Brady Larsen ... to be!

So that means we have 3 weddings all within a month! Jason's sister is on June 13, my best friend Megan is on June 27, and Shayna now is on July 8!! WOW!

So work has been crazy busy! Dance is going well. Jason got hurt in a snowmobile accident (the tree just kinda got in his way). We spent Sunday night in the ER only to find out that nothing is broken and they gave him a sling. Then the cops showed up to report the accident and had to come out to our house to see the sled. What a mess! We didn't get to bed till almost 1. Jason has a seperated shoulder and major bruising! I'm just glad he's still here and healthy (for the most part).

So that's about life!


jhjonze said...

Man oh man, it is wedding season for you guys! I already told Shayna, but PLEASE tell Megan congrats for me. I really excited for her!

Dave and Trissy said...

Tell Shayna Congrats!! That is exciting :)