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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Halloween Fun

Our yearly halloween party at our house was quite fun! We carved pumpkins, played games, told jokes, build haunted houses out of gingerbread kits. It was hillarious!

The girls! Megan, Misha, Alexis, Stacey, Shayna and Julie
Misha, Julie, Stacey and Klay's pumpkings

Stacey and Alexis
Jonny Cash and June Carter (Brady and Shayna)
Megan and Stacey
We're tough westerns!
The boys! Jason, Klay, Andy, Clarence, and Ty
Ty and Alexis
My hottie husband!
Max was our cow!
Isn't he cute!


Mindy Neal said...

That is cute that your dog was the cow. I never really thought of dressing up the dog

Jenny said...

Max is BIG! He used to be so tiny... He is way cute as a cow! I like your costume - cowgirls are always hot! Shayna and Brady looked cute too.