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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend in Bear Lake...

Every year since I can remember we've been going to bear lake as a family! We used to go with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins which was always a blast, but since both families have expanded quite a bit we've kinda diminished that tradition and created a tradition of our own, both families still go but we usually go seperate weekends. We stay at Ideal Beach resort, which is right on the beach! This year we took our boat and had a blast! On Sunday my parents rented a 6 person water winnie and we had the time of our lives! Jason and I, Steph and Ray and Shayna and her boyfriend Brady all rode it! From tipping the enitre tube over to getting bucked off the back end to landing on each other in the water it was all fun! It was also fun to watch Jaycie scream in the boat (she's terrified of the boat, but we made her ride in it anyways - we needed a driver and a flagger and the kids just had to tag along). We played at the beach for two days and only went to the pool twice to soak in the hot tub and layout. Games, food, and fun - what a weekend! We were lucky to have my parents let some of our friends join us on saturday for some fun. We buried Klay in the sand, played 500 in the water, and the guys built a jump and played with the RC car. I am so lucky to have my family all get along so well and be able to spend one weekend together before school starts. I love this tradition and hope it continues for many years to come!

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