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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Stacey, Tigger, and Shayna

Sully, Stacey and Mike

Rhythm Connection Dance Groups - Florida Nationals Team

I just recently got back from Orlando, Florida. I went there with the dance group I teach for (Rhythm Connection) to attend the Contenst of Champions National Competition at Disney World... Which we did awesome at! We took 1st in Prop, 2nd in Jazz, 3rd in Hip Hop, and 3rd in Lyrical. Overall we took 1st in prop and 3rd in Jazz. I can't be happier! However, I do have to say that playing at Disney World was prob more entertaining than the competition it's self. Being away from Jason for 6 days was quite hard but I had a great group of girls to keep me on my toes!
Disney World consited of riding amazingly fun rides, eating, LOTS OF WALKING, laughing, getting a little sun, seeing many many characters, taking lots of pictures, and having a blast! This is a must repeat hopefully next year!

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